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Development of a healthier lifestyle and alternative medical approaches in Western European countries through GoHerbal! products and services.
 In focus of herbal and traditional medicines, food supplements, organic food products and services, offered by GoHerbal! stakeholders and partners

GoHerbal! project shifts Western European markets demands from conventional medicinal products to GoHerbal! products and services which will be achieved by strong presence at POS.
Loved by society

- GoHerbal! - Solution for patient, for society, and for Earth
- Beneficial for healthcare professionals
- Media, Press, will love it
Domain Expertise
  • Strong in herbal and organic food products market knowledge
  • Experienced in environmental consultancy
  • „Green eyes“ in consultancy services Experienced in creation of pharmaceutical products databases
GoHerbal! Mission and Vision will be performed through four sub-projects
  • Green Doctor
  • Green Oasis (AGC)
  • Green House
  • Herbal Tutor
Green Doctor
  • Online treatment by Certified GoHerbal! Doctor
  • Online GoHerbal! products and services databases
  • GoHerbal! alternatives to classical medicines
  • Camera-based symptoms identification
  • Mobile app + installed at Green Houses
Green Oasis
All-in-one GoHerbal! Center
  • Green eco-friendly entertainment parks
  • Organic food restaurants
  • GoHerbal! products shopping malls
  • GoHerbal! Services
    (alternative medical, wellness and open-air fitness centers, experience and educational gardens)
  • Interactive GoHerbal! Conference Halls
    • Access to Green Doctor and Herbal Tutor
Green House
  • Chain of franchised GoHerbal! Pharmacies
  • One place for all GoHerbal! products
  • Customers access to Green Doctor interactive portals
  • Operated by Certified GoHerbal! Pharmacists
Herbal Tutor
  • Interactive DE (Distance Education)
  • Get Certified by GoHerbal!
    • GoHerbal! Doctor
    • GoHerbal! Pharmacist
    • GoHerbal! Producer
    • Green House franchise owner
  • Customers education and demand creation
Herbal Tutor (2)
Market Demand Generation
  • Installed at Green Houses and Green Oasis
  • Online Practical exams with patients in pharmacies
  • Promotion at POS
Complex video-based system
  • Video lectures
  • Conferencing with tutors
  • Online practical exams
  • Business Development Team
  • GoHerbal! Doctors and Pharmacists Team
  • IT Development Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Green Oasis Construction Team
  • GoHerbal! conceptual consultancy
  • Consultancy for GoHerbal! Products and services
  • Consulting Green Doctor Development
  • Consulting creation of educational material for GoHerbal! Pharmacists courses
  • Consulting GoHerbal! Certificaton systems

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